Redstone Energy Cell
Grid Redstone Energy Cell
Name Redstone Energy Cell
Type Storage
Physics No
Storage 600,000 MJ
Tool Grid Crescent Hammer
Stackable No
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

The Redstone Energy Cell uses Molten Redstone to store BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules). Input and output amounts can be configured. The Redstone Energy Cell can hold up to 600,000 MJ.


Crafting GUI.png

Electrum Ingot

Lead Ingot

Electrum Ingot

Energy Cell Frame (Full)

Redstone Conductance Coil

Electrum Ingot

Lead Ingot

Redstone Energy Cell


If dismantled (Sneak + Activate) with a BuildCraft compatible Wrench or Crescent Hammer, the energy will remain contained in the Redstone Energy Cell. Send / Receive settings will also be saved.

While an incredibly robust piece of Redstone technology, recovering it with a Pickaxe or other mining tool disrupts the Molten Redstone's ability to maintain energy containment. The impacts from using such barbaric implements cause the block to lose all energy stored. Dismantle it with a Crescent Hammer, a more civilized tool for a more civilized block.

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