Portable Tank
Grid Portable Tank
Name Portable Tank
Type Storage
Storage 8,000 mB (8 Buckets)
Tool Grid Crescent Hammer
Stackable No
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

The Portable Tank is a Thermal Expansion liquid storage tank which can hold 8000 mB (8 buckets) of liquid. Also extremely explosion resistant. Liquid can only be inserted or extracted from the top or bottom sides. A tank placed directly on top of another tank will self-configure its bottom side to auto-eject to the tank below.


Crafting GUI.png

Hardened Glass

Hardened Glass

Tin Ingot

Hardened Glass

Hardened Glass

Portable Tank


If dismantled (Sneak + Activate) with a BuildCraft compatible Wrench or Crescent Hammer, the liquid will remain contained in the Portable Tank.

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