Buildcraft Logo
Author(s) SpaceToad
Version A-3.4.0
URL Buildcraft

The Buildcraft mod was created for users to build advanced structures and mechanisms.


  • Automatic Crafting Table
  • Mining Well
  • Pump
  • Quarry
  • Refinery
  • Filler
  • Builder
  • Architect Table


  • Redstone Engine
  • Sterling Engine
  • Combustion Engine


  • Tank

Transport PipesEdit

  • Wooden Transport Pipe
  • Cobblestone Transport Pipe
  • Stone Transport Pipe
  • Sandstone Transport Pipe
  • Iron Transport Pipe
  • Gold Transport Pipe
  • Diamond Transport Pipe
  • Obsidian Transport Pipe
  • Void Transport Pipe
  • Emerald Transport Pipe

Waterproof PipesEdit

  • Wooden Waterproof Pipes
  • Cobblestone Waterproof Pipes
  • Stone Waterproof Pipes
  • Sandstone Waterproof Pipes
  • Iron Waterproof Pipes
  • Gold Waterproof Pipes
  • Emerald Waterproof Pipes

Conductive PipesEdit

  • Wooden Conductive Pipes
  • Stone Conductive Pipes
  • Gold Conductive Pipes

Structure PipesEdit

  • Structure Pipes


  • Wrench


  • Gate
  • Iron AND Gate
  • Iron OR Gate
  • Gold AND Gate
  • Gold OR Gate
  • Diamond AND Gate
  • Diamond OR Gate
  • Autarchic Gate
  • Autarchic Iron AND Gate
  • Autarchic Iron OR Gate
  • Autarchic Gold AND Gate
  • Autarchic Gold OR Gate
  • Autarchic Diamond AND Gate
  • Autarchic Diamond OR Gate


  • Blueprint
  • Template
  • Landmark
  • Oil Bucket
  • Fuel Bucket

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